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  • Jessica Anne Carter

Spring into March

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Is March a lucky month or what? We have the spring equinox, more hours of sunlight, and St. Patrick’s Day all bringing a bit more shine to the world.

Of course, moving into spring also means Springing Forward into Daylight Savings Time, so don’t forget to set your clocks forward an hour on March 14.

But don’t worry about losing that hour of sleep – cheer yourself up by baking some pie to celebrate 3.14 (Pi Day!). Baking, as we have said before, is a great way to help your child practise their math skills. March 14 is the perfect day to crack down on helping your child to learn their fractions. Plus, you get a delicious math pun out of it – is there anyone who truly doesn’t like pie?

(If there is, we accept all kinds of baked goods…)

Fittingly, March 14 is also the International Day of Mathematics, and this year’s theme is Mathematics for a Better World. There’s been a lot of numbers in our lives over the past year, tracking pandemic cases and vaccination progress. Help your child think about how mathematics can help us improve the world, or even just our communities. You can help your child improve their math skills with our graded books, and then help them think about how they can move those skill off the page and into the real world. (Did we mention baking pie?)

Now that most people are recovering from online learning and most kids are back in classes, it’s a great time to focus on offline learning and activities. Puzzles are a great way for children to have fun while developing fine motor skills and learning colour and pattern recognition. Some puzzles like The Human Body and The Earth by The Learning Journey, can also help children learn in an active, engaged manner. Art and music are also great to get children engaged away from the screen. They can learn anatomy by singing about the human skeletal system in The Skeleton Dance song or become more confident in their colours by painting a rainbow.

Of course, spring also means Spring Break, so getting your kids outside is a great way to help them run off excess energy and stay active. Whether they are building snowmen or splashing in puddles, physical activity helps improve movement skills, engages physical literacy, and can even improve mental health.

March is also a great month to work on your child’s French skills and celebrate Canada’s French culture, as March 20 is International Francophonie Day. Consider talking to you child about the history of French settlers in Canada, watch one of their favourite movies in French, or just work on saying “Bonjour”.

Flash Card of the Month

We hope you all enjoyed getting to know some word families through last month’s flash cards. For March, our Flash Card of the Month is Addition. Addition is one of the building blocks of math. Add these cards to your child’s learning to help them sum up the basics.

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Have a lovely March!


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