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  • Jessica Anne Carter

Getting Ready for Back to School

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

August has arrived, and that means it’s only a few short weeks until children are headed back to school. Back to school can be a stressful time of school supply purchases and hanging on to the last days of summer, but there’s also a lot of fun and excitement to be had at the start of another school year.

See Us at the CNE!

Join us from August 19 to September 5 at the Canadian National Exhibition! Our Fun Deals booth in the Marketplace will have plenty of great deals on educational books, activity books, games, toys, and more. Everything will be marked down, so it’s the perfect place to get a jump start on holiday shopping or preparing for back to school in September. Our booth is located inside the Encare Building, #18

Fun list of August activities

Start the last month of summer holidays with some learning fun. Summer is the perfect time to play games that are educational but still engage your child with fun and creativity. It’s also the perfect time to get outside and enjoy the sunshine.

Try some of these educational games outdoors.

Scavenger Hunt

Create a scavenger hunt to help your child build their reading skills and vocabulary.

1. Write out a list of small items for your child to find. It can include anything from toys to things in nature like rocks or leaves.

2.Hide items in your backyard or local park

3.Have your child read each item from the list and then find it. Help them sound out each word, if needed.

You can help your child build their vocabulary with our Word Families Flash Cards. Bright images help children associate word sounds with everyday items.

I Spy

If you don’t have a space to scavenger hunt, go for a walk and play I Spy. Your child will build their vocabulary, practice describing objects, and have fun while getting exercise and spending time with you. On this walk, you can also see how many different animals and plants your child can spot, improving their scientific knowledge and appreciation for nature.

Store Game

Seeing and touching items can help children reinforce learning pathways and memory recall, as well as improve their fine motor skills and socialization skills. Projects, games, and experiments that let children gain hands-on learning are often more engaging and increase retention.

For this game, set up a little store featuring some of your child’s favourite toys and treats. Using play money, have your child purchase some items. This game will help them identify coins and bills, understand the value of coins and bills, and practice calculating transactions, improving their math skills. They can celebrate their successes with their new purchases. Keep items small and adjust values based on your child’s grade and skill level.

Back to School Resources

Going back to school in September can be a big change if your child hasn’t done any at-home learning during the summer. One of the most common issues children have at the end of the summer is recalling everything they learned during the previous year. Learning skills can become rusty over three months, and that can make starting a new grade even more daunting.

Taking a little time each day during August to reintroduce topics can make the transition from summer to school less jarring. Have your child read aloud to you at bedtime, write lists of their school supplies to practice writing and keep them organized. You can also practice math facts with our Flash Card sets to improve a little every day.

Play educational games with your child to make learning entertaining during the dog days of summer. Card games, puzzles, and search and find games help improve children’s thinking skills, vocabulary, number recognition, and memorization. Try the Match It Puzzles by The Learning Journey to practise spelling, counting, and reading skills. These portable puzzles are great fun at the kitchen table, out on the deck, or sprawled across the living room floor. Plus, everyone can participate!

Road Trip Learning and Fun

Are you taking one last trip before back-to-school time? When you pack for your long weekend getaway, don’t forget to

include our Learning Floorpads for on-the-go educational fun.

Perfect for use in the car, on the floor, or sprawled out on the lawn outside, these educational floorpads contain fun learning activities that help children improve hand-eye coordination, letter formation, vocabulary, and pattern recognition. You child can colour, count, spell, and learn with these floorpads during a long drive.

Reduce back-to-school learning stress with our newly updated and expanded graded workbooks. For Pre-K to Grade 2, these workbooks contain fun and colourful exercises aligned to the curriculum in Canada. Completing even one page a day can help your child improve their comprehension, attentiveness, and learning skills in math, reading, and writing. Starting these workbooks early can help you ease your child back into their learning routine. Review the previous year or get a jump-start on the next school year.

To celebrate International Literacy Day on September 8, we’ll discuss reading strategies to help your child improve their vocabulary, reading comprehension, and grammar skills while having fun and discovering new ways to learn.

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