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June is an important month: summer starts, school ends, and it’s time for a little rest and relaxation. Of course, there’s plenty of fun and educational activities to do as the summer days roll in.

You can keep your kids on track of their learning with our Canadian Curriculum Press Super Summer Learning workbooks. These workbooks create a bridge between grades by providing children with practice for what they just learned and starting them on some new skills for the grade ahead. These workbooks cover ten weeks of learning, and your child only needs to do a couple of pages a day, leaving plenty of time for summer fun. Plus, there’s an activity at the end of each week.

June is National Indigenous History Month.

Canadians celebrate National Indigenous History Month to honour the history, heritage and diversity of Indigenous peoples in Canada. It is also an opportunity to recognize the strength of present-day Indigenous communities. National Indigenous History Month is a time for learning about, appreciating and acknowledging the contributions First Nations, Inuit and Métis people have made in shaping Canada. Be sure to check out all of the National Indigenous Peoples Day virtual activities happening across the country through Celebrate Canada!

June is also National Pollinators Month. Bees are one of the major pollinators in Canada. Although Canada has honeybees, they are not native to our country. However, Canada has over 800 native species of bee, all of whom play an important role in the ecosystem. Consider planting native species like goldenrod or willow to support the growth of native bee populations.

You can also make this yummy honey playdough for your kids to enjoy. It’s un-bee-lievable!

Homemade Honey Playdough Ingredients:

  • 2 c. flour

  • 3/4 c. salt

  • 1 tbsp olive oil

  • 1 c. water

  • 1/4 c. honey

  • food coloring (optional)


  1. Mix all the ingredients to form the dough.

  2. Turn the dough out on to a lightly floured surface and knead it a few times until it is soft and not sticky.

  3. Divide the dough into 2-3 portions and add different food colouring.

  4. Knead each portion until the dough is completely coloured.

  5. Keep the dough stored in your refrigerator when your child is done playing.

With so much online learning and distanced socializing, it’s good for kids to get away from the screen. June 1 is National Penpal Day, a great day to encourage kids to practise their writing skills and reach out to a family member or friends. Letters are a great way for children to practise their printing skills and sequential thinking. Have them write a letter explaining what they did on a particular day, or all the activities they hope to do during summer. You can also teach them how to address a letter.

Letters aren’t the only way to keep in touch. This pandemic has made it harder to keep in touch with friends, but there are ways to reach out and stay connected, like phone calls, Zoom calls, and properly social distanced meet ups. Help your child celebrate Best Friends’ Day on June 8 by making something special for their best friend – a friendship bracelet. Friendship bracelets are a crafty way for your child to show they care, plus making these bracelets is a great way to exercise fine motor skills, engage with colours, and just have fun.

Friendship Bracelets


· String (in different colours, if you want)

· Beads

· Scissors


1. Cut lengths of string that measure from your wrist to your shoulder.

2. Lay all three strands together and tie a loop in the end to secure them together.

3. Choose a bead and slide it onto all three strands. Slide it up against the knot, and then tie another knot in the strands to secure it.

4. Braid the three strands for half an inch and then tie a knot.

5. Slide another bead on to the strands and secure it.

6. Repeat until the bracelet is long enough comfortably circle the wrist, with an extra two inches to secure it.

7. Pull the end of the bracelet through the loop and knot it in place.

8. Make a second, matching bracelet for your best friend.

May was for moms, but June is all about dads. Father’s Day falls on June 20 this year.

You child can make Dad a fun Father’s Day card using this template.

Pair your card with this fun rocky picture frame activity. Gather up some cool rocks from outside or use items from around the house like spare buttons, screws, metal nuts, or other fun items.

Rocky Picture Frame

Materials needed:

· An old picture frame

· Rocks and/or other small items

· Hot glue gun


1. Remove the backing and glass from the picture frame.

2. With an adult’s help, use the hot glue gun to glue the rocks and other items to the frame.

3. Make sure the glue is dry, then replace the glass in the frame.

4. Choose a nice family picture to put in the frame, and then secure the backing in place.

Each frame will be unique, making it the perfect personalized gift.

Your child can also jazz things up by using paint, glitter, or other craft supplies.

Show us your cards and picture frame by tagging us on Instagram!

Brush up on your French for Sainte-Jean-Baptiste Day on June 24 with our My First French-English Illustrated Workbook. This workbook helps reinforce early French skills using images to help children build their vocabulary.

Also known as la Fête nationale du Québec, Sainte-Jean-Baptiste Day celebrates Francophone culture across Canada. Take some time to practise your French and learn more about French communities across Canada, including the Acadians in New Brunswick and the Franco-Ontarian communities in northern Ontario.

Did your school ever do cultural fairs? Cultural fairs give students the chance to explore their own culture or learn about other cultures. Canada is a very multicultural country filled with people from all over the world. On June 27, celebrate Multiculturalism Day by having your own mini cultural fair. Have your child choose a culture, and together you can look into its history, special holidays, and traditions. Your child can draw pictures, read books by authors within your chosen culture, and help you cook a fun meal based on an applicable recipe.

Flash Card of the Month

To help get your child in gear for Sainte-Jean-Baptiste Day, the flash card of the month for June is the Beginning French-English Flash Cards. These cards will help your child practise their French vocabulary, with words for colours, numbers one to twenty, parts of the body, clothing, animals, weather, seasons, games, sports, and more!

What’s July without some Canada Day shenanigans? Plus, we’ll have some summer activities to beat the heat, what to do with your leftover popsicle sticks, and a recipe for National Mac and Cheese Day. Plus, we introduce a NEW member to our team!

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Have a lovely June!

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